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Why Everyone Is Crazy About MICROSOFT WINDOWS

Every entertaining electronic gadget is made with a combination of software and hardware. Hardware is the instrument parts. Applications, operating systems, audio and video files are software. Every software application is installed on the operating system of the device. The operating system is like a system manager which manages the hardware and software part. Every device runs on an operating system. And talking about the operating system, MICROSOFT WINDOWS is the best operating system

What’s the high reputation of Microsoft windows

In this era of technology and in the world of laptop and personal computer, there is no better alternative option of the operating system than the Microsoft Windows. The other operating systems in the market are Linux, Unix, Ubuntu and many more and no one can beat windows on raw performance. The owner of the Microsoft Windows is the famous personality Bill Gates and it is developed and marketed for personal computing.

Why so attractive

The main reason ms windows are the best os is the user interface or UI. The UI is user-friendly and easy to understand. The features are attractive. It is so well decorated os that finding all the options is pretty easy. The optimization of the os is so good that it consumes less CPU. The GPU (graphics processing unit) is a high-quality GPU and that’s why the gaming performance is very well on the windows. The Microsoft Windows is the operating system everyone opts for. The os is snappy and totally lag free but sometimes there may be an issue of glitch which is an app problem and not an os problem. One of the highlighting points is, multitasking can be done efficiently. Yes, that is the feature that makes ms windows the best from the other operating systems. Multitasking drains away the power of your device heavily and the result is slowing down the system. But Microsoft takes care of it so professionally that multitasking in windows is a bliss. The Microsoft windows store is attractive and has everything and every app.

Regular or late updates

Generally, software and the operating system have a tendency to become slowing down by the time. Windows slows down also with the time. But the developers always push updates for the os and that is why MICROSOFT WINDOWS don’t slow down at all. In every update, they fix all the bugs and issues of the version. Sometimes they even change the whole version of windows and comes up with a new different version. There are many windows versions like Windows 97, Windows XP, Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 10. Windows 10 is the latest version and it is more secure than all of its the previous version that no antivirus needs to be installed in windows 10. The previous versions are secured but if someone wants a good and tight security then they have to install an antivirus program. The Windows 7 and 10 is very user-friendly but the windows 8 version was complicated and there were issues. So Microsoft wants to go far away from it and that’s why they didn’t launch windows 9, they directly launched windows 10.There are three versions of any window version – home, ultimate and pro. The home version is just the basic version, the ultimate is the updated version of the home and the pro is the updated version of the ultimate. Windows provides fast and regular OTA (Over The Air) updates to stable the os.

The price of the windows is not costly which is a great business strategy. But piracy is going on and Microsoft is concerned about it. There is no competitor in the market who can beat ms windows.

Should I Get Smartphones, Tablets or Laptops for My Staff?

Should I Get Smartphones, Tablets or Laptops for My Staff? 

Are you in charge of recommending or deciding what technology your company provides for staff? How will you decide between smartphones, tablets or laptops? What criteria will you use? This decision carries a number of risks. Get it wrong and you may have unsatisfied and unproductive staff. But get it right and there is nothing better than a happy and productive workforce.

Its a big decision, but no need to panic. Well help guide you to the right solution for your environment. Just follow these 4 evaluation criteria to help you decide if you should get smartphones, tablets or laptops for your staff.

Smartphones, Tablets or Laptops: Evaluation Criteria #1 Is the work conducted remotely?

This may determine whether the person or department should have a company mobile device at all. If this persons duties are 95% based in the office is there really a need for a smartphone or tablet? In this case a laptop is the best choice. Identify who is working away from the office during business hours. Are they a road warrior working out of cabs and airports where information and responses are needed immediately? In this case a tablet might be a smart choice.

Smartphones, Tablets or Laptops: Evaluation Criteria #2 What type of work is done remotely?

Once you have determined the staff working remotely, the next thing is to determine what they do and the environment they are working in. Are they simply answering the phone and responding to emails? Are they using an application which they need to enter and record information? Does the work they do require immediate feedback from any location? I like to pay attention to the user on this one. Are they doing a lot of data entering (typing or selecting items from a drop down data window)? The reason this is important is because from our three device choices, typing is best done from a laptop. But if Im selecting items from a drop down data window, this opens up certain smartphone and tablet options.

Smartphones, Tablets or Laptops: Evaluation Criteria #3 Where is the work conducted?

Working remotely it is the remotely that means many things to many employees. Is the work environment in a sewer underground doing inspection? Is it on a construction site? Is it in a hotel, car, or coffee shop? Is the employee setting up an electrical tower somewhere in the middle of Utah? Or perhaps the employee is working in a location without cellular connection. (Yes, there are still a few of these locations. I hit a big one driving from Denver CO to Flagstaff AZ.)

Smartphones, Tablets or Laptops: Evaluation Criteria #4 Are there any physical limitations?

This one seems like a strange one, but it is very real and important. I worked with a company that provided really cool, new smartphones for their techs working on heating units, boilers and pipe lines. The biggest complaint was MY FINGERS ARE TOO BIG FOR THIS &#&*[email protected]# thing. Did I mention some of the employees were ex sailors? In addition, make sure the user can see the screen is it visible in sunlight? Do they need to type on the device and cannot because of the size of the device? Also keep in mind that the device my need to be ruggedized or have an otter box provided.


Smartphones, Tablets or Laptops: The Summary

One you gather all your criteria, its a good idea to have details in a grid this will give you a picture of employees real needs. As a rule of thumb, if a user has to collect and enter a lot of information, a smartphone is not the way to go. Users who mainly respond with short answers like Yup, I approve, or No thanks a certain smartphone makes a lot of sense. Like the Galaxy S4 which has the larger screen.
Keep in mind sometimes there is a valid case for having any combination of laptop, tablet or smartphone. Of our choices the laptop will always be best for heavy information gathering where a lot of typing is involved and certain smartphones are good for short text and emails.

There are also some best of both worlds hybrid options like the MS Surface Pro or the Lenovo Thinkpad. If youre still unsure, dont force your decision. Allow your users to test a few devices and inform you which they like the best and why.


How To Swap Between Apps On The iPad

 Today we are going to look at how you can swap between running apps on the iPad. We will start from the very beginning and I am assuming that you are new to the iPad.

When you start up the iPad you will get the main starting screen. This is normally full of the apps that come pre-installed with the system.

For instance in the top left hand side of the screen you will see Messages then reading from left to right you will see Facetime and Photos.

The order may differ on your iPad but this will be if you have opted to move the apps around. Moving your finger from right to left in a swiping motion will move the screen across and you will see more apps. This will normally be full of apps that you have downloaded from the app store.



The reason that you will want to learn how to quickly swap apps using the quick task bar at the bottom is to save you time searching through every app that you have installed. You can use the search bar but if it is an app you use daily it is far quicker to use the quick task bar at the bottom.

So here is how you swap between apps on the iPad quickly:

Tap the home button twice quickly.

A bar will pop up at the bottom with all of your recently used apps. This will also include running apps or the apps still in the memory.

Swipe across with your finger from right to left until you find the app you want.

Tap it once to select it and the app will launch.

If you are running the latest IOS6 on your iPad you can bring up the quick task bar even faster by placing four fingers on the iPad and swiping in an upwards motion.

To start with your forefinger and finish with your pinkie and make sure they are all touching the screen and then swipe up and you will see the quick task bar to select a previously used app.

The above is how to save yourself time and quickly swap between your most used apps on the iPad.

If you use apps like Spotify to listen






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