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How To Use Lucky Patcher On Your Android Smartphone?

Nowadays more people are using Android and iOS platforms on mobile devices. These operating systems come with an application and game downloading store. Since these stores are genuine, hence they keep only licensed and ad serviced products. Many times we need to use such applications which are devoid of licenses. In such cases, lucky patcher is an application which comes handy.

What is lucky patcher?

Lucky patcher Apk on Android, which comes with multiple revolutionary functions. It can add or remove license permits, mod a particular application or game and shift any app's location from the device storage to the external storage or vice versa. It aims at removing unnecessary threads from apps to provide a smooth running experience.

Why is lucky patcher used?

Mostly Android users use lucky patcher on their devices as play store often asks for license permits and certificates. To install certain useful apps or software, this definite app is highly necessary. The functions of lucky patcher have been given below:

  • Remove unnecessary ads-

Often the apps and games downloaded from the play store come with irritating ads. This app can easily disable and remove all the ads from the software.

  • Allow or deny licenses-

There are certain apps which do not meet up license certificates from the play store. And to use them, the device keeps on asking for licenses. Lucky patcher can be used here to remove the license requests.

  • Modify any app or game-

Any app or game can be modded or patched up which will unlock many features that were restricted previously.

  • Install apps from unrecognized sources-

Often the Android device denies installing apps from weakly secured sources. These sources are termed as unrecognized sources, and lucky patcher can be used to install these apps without harming the device.

  • Move the system apps-

No device allows its users to affect the core applications that were inbuilt. Often many devices come with unnecessary applications that consume a good amount of storage. This app can be used here to remove the core apps to external with lucky patcher or simply exterminate them from the system.

  • Checklist of patchable apps-

Upon startup, the patcher displays a list of applications present in the system along with their current status with a unique color coding which resembles the patchable ability of the apps.

How are the colors used to determine application status?

The following colors appear in the checklist of all apps upon startup:

  • Red- a red color signifies that the app is restricted to modifications that are no modifications can be done.
  • Yellow- it means that the application has a patch available and can be modified using that patch only.
  • Orange- the orange color signifies that the app is a system or inbuilt
  • Purple- the system starts up to display a purple color on the lucky patcher These apps start running right from when the device is switched on.
  • Green- an app showing green color means it can be modified and registered on the play store that is; it can be modified with a specific license.
  • Blue- it means an app consists of ads provided by the generic app store.

In this way, we can use lucky patcher app to get the most out of your Android device.

How To Swap Between Apps On The iPad

 Today we are going to look at how you can swap between running apps on the iPad. We will start from the very beginning and I am assuming that you are new to the iPad.

When you start up the iPad you will get the main starting screen. This is normally full of the apps that come pre-installed with the system.

For instance in the top left hand side of the screen you will see Messages then reading from left to right you will see Facetime and Photos.

The order may differ on your iPad but this will be if you have opted to move the apps around. Moving your finger from right to left in a swiping motion will move the screen across and you will see more apps. This will normally be full of apps that you have downloaded from the app store.



The reason that you will want to learn how to quickly swap apps using the quick task bar at the bottom is to save you time searching through every app that you have installed. You can use the search bar but if it is an app you use daily it is far quicker to use the quick task bar at the bottom.

So here is how you swap between apps on the iPad quickly:

Tap the home button twice quickly.

A bar will pop up at the bottom with all of your recently used apps. This will also include running apps or the apps still in the memory.

Swipe across with your finger from right to left until you find the app you want.

Tap it once to select it and the app will launch.

If you are running the latest IOS6 on your iPad you can bring up the quick task bar even faster by placing four fingers on the iPad and swiping in an upwards motion.

To start with your forefinger and finish with your pinkie and make sure they are all touching the screen and then swipe up and you will see the quick task bar to select a previously used app.

The above is how to save yourself time and quickly swap between your most used apps on the iPad.

If you use apps like Spotify to listen






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